Hello fellow Thomas Pieters fan ! We are glad you are interested in Thomas Pieters and our fan club.ThomasPieters

The Thomas Pieters Fanclub was founded by 5 enthusiastic Millennium Golf members. Millennium Golf in Paal-Beringen, Belgium, is the homeclub of Thomas Pieters. So there is an obvious link why the fanclub was founded here.Most Millennium members witnessed how Thomas grew from an talented youth player to an international star.

In early 2016, we collected our enthusiasm for golf and Thomas, and the fanclub was founded. We believe that fanclubs should not only be reserved for sports like football and cycling.

Our goal is to create a platform around the professional golf career of Thomas. We try this by organizing competitions where you can win signed items, organizing trips to close-by tournaments where Thomas is playing, creating local get-togethers around big international events, etc.

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Thomas is a very down to earth guy, so we want to be the connection between him and his true fans. We believe that is a very different approach then the general media he deals with. We hope Thomas may be an inspiration to hundreds of young Belgian golfers, but also to others who are interested in the game of golf. Supporting Thomas, we look forward to some fantastic years to come.

 The team behind the fanclub:

Bestuur 9 10 2017

From left to right: Johan Ramaekers (webmaster), Swa Vandingenen (facebook), Ed van Koolwijk (public relations),

Franky Aegten (members & finance), Patrick Jonckers (president)

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Latest News

An unforgettable day at Millennium Golf

A unique opportunity for all Belgian Thomas Pieters fans who want to see their idol at work at close range:  the Thomas Pieters- Thomas Detry Belgian Tour.

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Pieters, Hatton and Fleetwood accept PGA TOUR Special Temporary Membership

The PGA TOUR announced today that Thomas Pieters, Tyrrell Hatton and Tommy Fleetwood have accepted Special Temporary Membership for the remainder of the 2016-17 PGA TOUR Season.All three completed at last week’s World Golf Championships-Dell Technologies Match Play in Austin, Texas.

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Thomas Pieters is aware of the existence and activities of the Thomas Pieters Fan Club. However, he is not involved and therefore not responsible for the activities of the fanclub and the content of it's website.